Nerve Blocks

What are nerve blocks?

Nerve blocks are treatment option used to diagnose and treat a wide array of painful conditions. They are great at reducing acute pain due to injury, nerve trauma, surgery and headaches. Nerve blocks ease pain by offering immediate relief.

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Types of nerve blocks we perform:

  • Headache (Occipital nerve block)
  • Upper jaw pain (Maxillary nerve block)
  • Nose and face pain (Sphenopalatine nerve block, Stellate ganglion block)
  • Arm/hand pain (Carpal tunnel injection, Median nerve block, Ulnar nerve block, Stellate ganglion block, Brachial plexus block, Digital nerve block)
  • Neck pain (Cervical plexus block, Cervical paravertebral block, Stellate ganglion block)

  • Shoulder pain (Suprascapular nerve block)
  • Knee pain (Genicular nerve block)
  • Hip pain (Obturator nerve block)
  • Leg/foot pain (Femoral nerve block, Sciatic nerve block, Lumbar plexus block, Peroneal nerve block, Plantar nerve block, Morton's neuroma block)
  • Low back pain (Cluneal nerve block)
  • Pelvic pain (Ilioinguinal nerve block, Genitofemoral block, Ganglion impar block)