Neuropathy Treatments 

Why Neuropathy Treatments?

Diabetes is one of the leading causes for Peripheral neuropathy disease that affects approx. 20 million Americans.

Peripheral neuropathy symptoms consist of but not limited to:

  • Temporary or permanent numbness
  • Tingling, prickling or burning sensation
  • Increased sensitivity to touch
  • Pain
  • Pins and needles sensation

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Sanexas electrotherapy 

Peripheral neuropathy can take a toll on your day-to-day life. Sanexas electrotherapy is a treatment that has been effective for many patients. It is an electric nerve stimulation therapy that is focused on repairing the nerve signals for relief from pain. Sanaexas is a good alternative to addictive medication. The RST Sanaexas system goes a little bit further than your TENS unit. The system uses electronic signal energy waves produced by an ultra-high digital frequency generator. The therapeutic energy waves stimate your body on a cellular level without being invasive or causing discomfort. Patients have reported less pain, increased mobility overall improvement in their quality of life with the treatment.

The treatment has proven to:

  • Relax muscle spasms that may cause pain
  • Boost blood circulation to promote healing and tissue repair
  • Helps prevent the risk of muscle atrophy
  • Helps stimulate the production of serotonin, a natural hormone that soothes pain